Smart Containers Company Update and Outlook 2020

We would like to give you an update on our progress in 2019 and an outlook in 2020.

Let us start with a few words on the development of the crypto markets.

It seems that Bitcoin becomes less volatile than in previous years, which will give confidence to new players entering the market. Unfortunately, altcoins maintained their rather low price level during the 2nd half of 2019. Ether performs below the 200 USD line for quite some time already.

The number of exchanges open for listing security tokens has not increased. We still do not see any exchange that can bring us the liquidity and the reach that will boost our tokens, once they are traded publicly.

After discussions with many big investors in Smart Containers, all are looking for a long term investment rather than a short flip. The management has put focus on the underlying business rather than waiting for market improvements.

Rest assured, Smart Containers is running well on a business perspective, but it is still difficult to figure out how to create satisfying results when it comes to token value. We are still observing peer projects to figure out a winning strategy and hope to come forward with a solid proposal to our tokenholders.

In the meantime, we’d like to transmit the same message as in our last communication: if you would like to trade your SMARC tokens, you can do so on the decentralized exchange ForkDelta. To help you in this endeavor, we have created a guideline on Medium that you can accesshere. Please consult the right legal and technical experts to make sure you do not put your funds at risk. This is by no means a recommendation to trade your funds through this kind of exchanges.

Concerning the LOGI token, it becomes a utility token as soon as the platform goes live. Then the listing will become simpler. We, therefore, move forward with the project in order to reach this status. More about this in the LOGI Chain section below.

Please find hereafter our business update:

In the infographic hereafter we have visualized the biggest development steps in 2019 — SkyCell has progressed very well on its path to become the market leader in containers for pharma distribution — 5x volume growth, quarter on quarter margin improvement, leader in IoT container tracking to name a few. SkyCell transports some of the most expensive oncology products, vaccines and rare disease treatments in the world.

This amazing development did not go unnoticed in the finance community — where SkyCell has received significant interest for investments from PE funds as well as multiple offers for majority deals.

The team is extremely proud of these achievements and highly motivated to continue on this path to success.

For FoodGuardians, 2019 was a slower year, as focus was put on SkyCell. In the last board meeting, plans were put in place to hire a dedicated management team comprising of commercial and RnD people to accelerate commercialization. We will update you in the next newsletter on more details.

The LOGI Chain Foundation has mandated a team of highly skilled blockchain developers to complete the minimum viable product. The project takes longer then expected and is now planned to be completed by Q1 2020. We are aiming to convince various stakeholders to join the foundation once they see a concrete product.

Outlook 2020

We will continue to focus on expansion of SkyCell into APAC, where we see significant demand growth in the next 3 years. Further investments in IT will make SkyCell more productive and offer best in class features to make pharma distribution more reliable, cost efficient and lower their CO2 footprint. Management expects that sustainability will be one of the key topics of the next 10 years, and sees Smart Containers already well positioned. The goal is to continue leading the industry in sustainability aspects.

We are happy to answer any further questions you might have. All your inputs and remarks are welcome.

Thank you again for your support and the positive energy you are transferring in your feedbacks. We will be happy to report on our progress again by the end of the next quarter.

Richard Ettl and the Smart Containers Team

We are a Swiss based high tech company that provides the safest temperature controlled containers to transport sensitive pharma goods and food around the world.